Melanie Heuiser Hill
Speaking & Presentations
I enjoy working with kids of all ages—especially around the subjects of reading and writing.
Yes! I am making Virtual Visits and Storytimes! Download this PDF for the details.
Bookclubs! Free 20 minute zoom for bookclubs who buy five copies of the book—as well as book swag mailed to your bookclub. Contact us to set up a date and time.
Types of Presentations and Sessions
    Large group presentation
    Small group writing workshops
    Classroom presentations
    Virtual Visits (Google Meet or Zoom)
    Writers Who Lunch
    Multiple-day residencies
    Family Night writing activities
Possible Topics
    Where do ideas come from?
    Point of view? It's all about who tells the story!
    Growing giant pumpkins
    How very cool is Bach?!
    Playing with poems
    Interesting characters
    Picture book fun!
Author visit to a middle school
Visiting a middle school where nearly all the students had read Giant Pumpkin Suite and some were finishing up. It made for a great discussion!
Tips for Getting More Out of an Author Visit
    Read the author's book(s) before she visits.
    Help students prepare their questions for the author. This is an opportunity to work on writing and interviewing skills.
    Teachers have enormous influence. When teachers are excited about an author's visit, and when they participate in the event themselves, students are excited and involved as well.
    Let the author know what your students have been working on—not only in reading, but in other subjects as well.
    Consider creating an All-School Read. If everyone (teachers, students, staff, parents, etc.) reads the same book, all kinds of great things happen. Terrific energy! Marvelous questions! Awesome discussions! It's a great educational and community-building experience.
Please inquire with Vicki (, my booking agent, about fees and open calendar dates. I look forward to visiting to your school, library, festival, or conference.
Time spent signing books with young readers gives them a chance to talk one-on-one with the author, asking questions they might not ask in front of their compatriots.
Melanie Heuiser Hill
Melanie Heuiser Hill
(photo: Katherine Warde)
Signing books at New Richmond Middle School
Signing books after
a middle school author visit
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on this podcast:
PCS Reads Interview
with Laura Given
thank you cards
Storytime at The Mall of America
Storytime at the Mall of America
with 100 eager listeners
We Give Thanks Bingo
Giving serious thought to "We Give Thanks Bingo" at The Mall of America
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